Thursday, March 5, 2015


So this happened.  

This past Saturday, Ken went down to VA beach for the night to return the next day and decided to take Sloane with him at the last moment. I couldn't go because I had some things to do up here, and it was the first time that I had been left without husband AND baby since Sloane's been born.  There were a few notable things, but the most newsworthy is that I went to bed at 11:00PM Saturday night....and then woke up at 10:45AM..!!!! Folks, that's almost 12 hours, if you want the count.  I was stunned, to say the least. Yes, I'm being dramatic, but truly I cannot remember the last time this happened. It has been at least 2 and a half years, because that's how old Sloane is, and most likely more than that because pregnancy doesn't allow for the best kind of sleep.  I felt refreshed, I felt like a new woman, it felt like what it might feel like to see the northern lights. Yeah, dramatic. 

Anyways, I thought such an occasion warranted a celebration.  I never eat in bed (it's a thing I have with my beds; it's a sacred place!) but I broke that rule because it was just me, and hey I felt like I wanted to stay in bed juusssst a tad longer.  I made myself of a tray: a bowl of yogurt, granola and lots of fruit, coconut pancakes with maple syrup, and Irish black tea, and came back into bed. I enjoyed the heck out of that breakfast while reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" (I'm re-reading this book and it's been amazing). 

The day continued with more small victories - I folded ALL the laundry we had piling up (count 'em, one, two, three, four....loads) while Fantasia played in the background (On Netflix now!), worked on an article I had been putting off while listening to "The Book of Love" covers on Spotify, stepped out to grab some food from the new Korean spot that opened up in Jackson Ward, and then welcomed back my family with open arms when they returned back home that evening. 

Even with the chores and work I got done that day, it felt like a true day of rest. My soul needed to be nursed with a little dose of solitude and that's exactly what I got.  The rarity of these days had me appreciating the luxury, and the benefits always are that I feel a little more whole and a little better off to be able to love and serve my family. 

I'm trying to be intentional about rest these days. I know that with the second baby, there will be even less opportunity for it, and our weekday schedule has the makings of wearing us all down with Ken traveling a lot and me holding down the fort with Sloane at home. But we are getting through it, and I feel more closer to my family and excited about what is to come, than ever.  

To be honest, I only felt a smidge better about Monday coming around again, but truly all things do pass, and just like that another week gone...and hey! it's the weekend again. Let's do a quick summary, shall we? with some links? This past week:

- Ken had to travel up and down to northern Virginia for work, twice 

- We had an amazing day that smelled and felt like spring 

- NPR music released Austin 100  (so much good music!)

- I started sweating this lipstick 

- I made green juice or green smoothie everyday - still can't get enough!

- We watched the first episode of House of Cards

- I did some more daydreaming about this dessert

- It got cold and SNOWED again 

Regardless of the snow, my spirits are high because I spy some weather in the low 60's next week. And if you didn't know - daylight savings is this weekend, which means we lose an hour but also, more daylight! So set you clocks, plan accordingly, get some spring cleaning done, maybe a few hours of solitude, maybe a few hours of being with your family and enjoy your weekend! 

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