Monday, February 16, 2015


How was everyone's weekend? Are we all ready for this week? I'm bracing myself and trying to do some emotional preparation for how cold it's going to be. I'm happy to report that I'm going forth with a great weekend behind me, so that's something, right ? 

Sloane is really into bags these days. Probably since she always sees me carrying one, she feels it appropriate to have one too, for carrying all her treasures in. I made this heart bag a few weeks ago for a project and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Especially since it was really easy - just felt and fabric glue! 

She loved it :) 

For Valentine's Day this past weekend, I filled the bag with some goodies- a card, puffy heart stickers, fruit snacks, a lollipop, and  BFF heart puzzle necklace - one for her and one for me. The last time I gave her a lollipop was a year ago when we traveled to San Francisco so that it would help with the ear popping on the plane, so her anticipation over that lollipop was pretty monumental. 

Throughout the day, she would ask to see my necklace so that she could fit them together.  

We went up to northern Virginia for the day to see my sister for her birthday and it was such a nice day of being together. We loved seeing Eunice eemo (what Sloane calls my sister) and I got my spicy Korean food craving addressed, too.

We went to a bakery after lunch for some dessert and Sloane got to try a macaroon! 

Happy birthday Eunice! We love you so. 

With my baby sister and my baby..! :) 


  1. Happy late valentine's day,Christine!

  2. Heart neclklace is such a good idea.

  3. This was an adorable post!
    You look great in the pictures with Sloane, Christine and the second to last picture, Sloane and Eunice look so much alike!