Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I'm happy to report that I am feeling so much better these days. The first couple of weeks of 2015 were spent in a fog of 'I never want to leave the house' because I was so sick and congested and felt so awful. But somewhere in the middle of last week, I looked around and thought, oh I can actually SEE things around me, and knew I was on the road to recovery. I am ever so grateful that I can breathe through my nose again; there's nothing like a good bout of sickness to make you grateful for health. Recovery is like the New Years in that way, I'm feeling more aware, resolving to drink more water and sleep more, and making lists. Yes, I'm back to making to-do lists and planning ahead in my calendar with my trusty bullet journey, back to feeling like I want to write, take pictures, cook and exercise, which is wonderful. Although, there is still this lingering feeling of not feeling completely like myself - I'll attribute 20% of that to the pregnancy and 80% of the fact that it is still winter. Pregnancy has a way of making me feel a little disconnected from my body, especially when I'm exercising, and winter has a way of dampening my soul. (Cue hand to the forehead). 

In the midst of me trying to get my bearings, we got the news that Ken is going to have to be doing a whole lot of traveling for the next six months, on and off, right up until the baby comes and that really threw us for a loop. I am having all sorts of feelings about this, almost all of them negative, but I know like everything else, we will get used to it. Plus, this is the first week of him being away for this project and we're doing it, getting through it, even though Sloane and I both miss him terribly. 

Before Ken left on Sunday, we went out together for lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and got to spend some time together over pizza and walk the streets for fresh air. When the weather isn't too cold, and the company just right, a good walk can do you a world of good. 

And I know I just blogged about month 3, but those sentiments were from a while month ago, and now I'm in month 4! And I want to record here that with the second trimester comes the relief from the exhaustion of the first trimester, even though that 2pm slump is no joke and I am desperate for a quick nap, every afternoon.  Here is the photo we snapped after lunch....that belly is definitely being all, here I am!

A word about what I'm eating...

I don't think I'm prone to having huge cravings or food aversions while I'm pregnant. There were a few things here and there that I wanted more than usual when I was pregnant with Sloane (like randomly, I would NEED a cupcake), and the only food I couldn't eat was cooked spinach, but other than that it was business as usual. This time around, like last time (and like always), I'm always wanting fruit, but I've also noticed a couple of other cravings that have been fun to take note of. 

My recent food hankerings could be totally unrelated to the pregnancy, but I thought it was funny that during the 2nd month, all of a sudden out of nowhere, I wanted sour cream and onion potato chips. I honestly can't remember the last time I wanted these - maybe college? And then I went through a phase where I dreamed about cheesy pizza (super thin, with extra cheese dripping off of it) with grapefruit juice. I wanted that combination exactly, and then when I got it, poof, my craving was gone. I also wanted Thai drunken noodles a lot, and I wanted it spicy. I also thought about tart frozen yogurt a lot. 

At 4 months, I'm still hankering after the spicy and the tart (the other day, randomly, I found myself getting a pack of Warhead sour gummy strips) but the biggest thing is that I'm craving vegetables. I want green juice packed with greens, I want vegetables piled high on my pizza, and I want lots of fresh salad. I've been making these giant salads for lunch everyday and it is probably my favorite thing to eat right now. I could lose snacking on the occasional sour candy, but I hope this vegetable phase lasts throughout the pregnancy ! 


  1. love that you are flaunting the bump now

  2. You look sooo good! And my goodness, Sloane is adorable. :) Glad you are feeling better!