Thursday, January 22, 2015



Wow, talk about a slow crawl. But we've made it and I feel self-congratulatory about getting here. I have this plan, and it's to try to enjoy the heck out of this weekend. This weekend, Ken is coming back, we are having several meals with friends, we are getting our usual errands done, I might clean out my closet and there might be some time logged on the couch with a pint of ice cream. 

On the subject of Friday's, let me take you back to last Friday, which was a whole different kind of fun - the kind of fun wherein red lipstick, 90s hip hop, and creaky knees are all involved. It was my friend Megan's birthday and she had the right idea of having everyone help her dance her way into her 30s. The party was in this great space, good times were had by all, and I danced my little heart and legs out. At one point, Ken showed off some aggressive breakdancing moves. 

Do you remember the disposable camera? The plastic kind that you would take to camp? And where you have to hold down the button to prep the flash? That's what I was doing intermittently throughout the night in order to capture these gems. Once in a while I love going the route of the disposable camera in order to change things up and I like what I get back. Oh the thrill of waiting for your photos to develop! 

These photos remind me of high school, but nope, it's just a bunch of 30ish folk, doing our thing and feeling pretty good about it. 

The birthday girl! I wish I had a photo of her with a real camera, because her makeup looked amazing. 

Ken took a minute to play DJ for the night. 


  1. ok i love all the photos but the first one i love because my brow is so furrowed and im focusing SO hard on dancing. i dont think i had to work so hard to dance in my younger days

  2. The first photo looked like a prayer meeting at my first sight. It may be because evryone closed their eyes. I am glad you had a good time.