Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The other day, after Thanksgiving was over and done with, we went on a search for our Christmas tree.

As far as our marriage life is concerned, I think this year was monumental because this is the earliest we have ever gotten a tree.  Two days after Thanksgiving!

And there was another type of record broken this year, instead of one tree...we got two! A big one for our living room downstairs and a little one for Sloane in her room.  This post is all about that little one. 

We went to Lowe's and started looking at their 6-7 footers.

Which to choose! 

I had said we could maybe get a small tree just for her if we found one, and when Sloane clasped her eyes on this one, it was love at first sight. I said, "hey, let's take a picture in front of all the big trees!" and she said, "no, mama, picture with this one." holding on to her little chosen one.

I was taken aback by HOW excited she was about the prospect of her own little tree in her room. She kept asking if that was really going to happen, all the way home. 

And there it is!

Then we decorated it together... 

Mr. Fox is back! 

We found ornaments that Sloane made last year and they went on her tree! This blew my mind for some reason.

Happy December everyone! 

P.S. later that night, before bed: 


  1. that photo bottom right is fantastic

    love mr. fox

    most of all, appreciative of the opportunity to witness (in action) a momma and poppa making a tiny peanut's dream come true (how could we have fathomed the joy of a baby tree next to a baby sloane covered by such a wonderful wall!?)

  2. so much sweetness, i cant stand it