Monday, December 29, 2014


I'm in New York this week, visiting my sister and Paul in Brooklyn with my parents, and so far it's been a precious time. Part of the reason I love road trips so much is because of the way our family used to spend time on the road together - talking, joking, reading, listening to our favorite music, napping, stopping at numerous rest stops (a car with four girls, it's inevitable) and just being with each other - and I got to have a little slice of that again on the way up here with my parents. It was nice to have uninterrupted time with them, to catch up and have no other pressing agenda than to arrive somewhere together.

Ken and Sloane are holding down the fort at home with the help of Ken's mom, and I miss them. But it's so rare that I get to get away these days, like I used to, that I'm going to try to really take advantage of these few days, before I have to get back in the grind again. I'm already dreading it, but trying not to let it overshadow a single thing. 

One way I'm trying to take advantage of this time is by making sure to reflect, starting at the place of not taking anything for granted and then getting to the place of wonderment. Letting all the faces of pleasure and connectedness and even fatigue, just be what they are, and measuring all my moments with care, precious as they are.

These photos were taken on our way to Christmas dinner; me trying to measure a moment of us gathering together for a meal.


  1. love these photos! they have a different feel than the pictures you usually post with more warmth and glow. I'm also glad I can see how I look in my new coat hehe :) miss you!

  2. in tat photo of you me and sloane, i look like a deer having a seizure

  3. i do like the second one a lot though, it's like anne of green gables (bunhead) kidnaps a dubious child