Sunday, November 30, 2014


And just like that, Thanksgiving is over.  Are we tired of food photos yet?  I have a couple here in this post, not because they are good photos, but because it seems appropriate that I insert these in here to prove that yes, I ate heartily while giving my thanks.

the photo above is from a friendsgiving feast that I have with my law school friends going on 3 (? 4?) years now, and it feels special because we don't see each other that often anymore otherwise and we always do a good job of making sure we are stuffed by the time we waddle out.

And if I may depart from the festivities for a moment, this cowgirl started asking, "why?" as a follow-up to her questions, and maybe it will get annoying later, but for now it is hilariously adorable. 

On our way out the door, she wanted to bring a stuffed raccoon ornament with her. I told her she couldn't and it was immediately followed by a, "why, mommy?" 
"Because I don't want us to lose it, Sloane." 

And the other way around:
"I love this jacket, mom!" 
"Why, Sloane?"
"'Cause I like it!"

I've made it pretty clear by now that I'm having a rough go of things with the change into the colder and darker season; here are a couple more things that I've been doing recently in some sort of attempt at a response to that. I got this rose spray that is mositurizing and all sorts of good for your skin, but also it works well as an attitude adjustment because it is refreshing and afterwards, you can't help feel like your face and neck smells like a lady and I'm prompted to put on some lipstick, which usually also helps pump me up. 

A few Thursday's ago, I came home feeling absolutely defeated and had one agenda: to get to bed. I fed sloane and I a quick dinner, and then promptly changed both of us into our pajamas and spent the next hour in bed, reading to each other. I foresee some more of these types of evenings in the future. 

Another self-rememdy: kiss these cheeks every.chance. i get. 

a couple of sundays ago, we went out to get some sushi for lunch and enjoyed being out together, just the three of us. 

I am so glad these are my people. 

Sugar packet schemes. 

Now back to Thanksgiving,

My cousin, Lois, came to visit with us for a few days and it made me so glad to have her under my roof. It's been a while. It's been too long of a while, and we had ourselves a grand time talking and just being together while running errands, visiting a coffee shop, eating Cuban food, watching movies, working out and cooking together. We made this quick Thanksgiving feast with the basics: chicken instead of turkey, homemade and canned cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, roasted green beans, corn and rolls with honey butter. 

And here is our little family, gratitude spilling out of our ears. 

We also went down to Virginia Beach to visit with Ken's family, like we do, and had hot pot, like they do, and it was delicious. I like that Ken's family tradition of having hot pot on Thanksgiving is becoming a part of mine.  That's the great thing about tradition, right? it can and should be shared.

What it's like having a girl: right before these photos, I had put on some lipstick and Sloane noticed. This was her way of getting some lipstick too. It was hard to mind, with those sweet little hands around my face!


  1. if that isn't the sweetest post !

    (ranking no. 1one in feeling and taste buds )

  2. I know I've said this so many times before, but reading your blogs always makes the winter days better! <3