Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It is more difficult than usual to get through these days.  I frequently find myself in the middle of a deep sigh, a big grumble or a frustrated tone and I have to remind myself to take a second and adjust my attitude. Because I am a believer in this: that I am not held victim to my circumstances and that there are things I can do to make a difference in my day to day, namely, to change up my attitude. So without further ado, the ways I've been navigating through darker days:

1. Before I go to bed, I'm all wound up from the day. If I don't take a few minutes to relax, even going to sleep can feel like one more thing to check off my to-do list. My friend recently gave me some chamomile oil, and I've been putting a couple of drops on my wrist and massaging some into my neck while I'm getting ready to go to bed. It's calming and helps me adjust my attitude to one of relaxation and calm. Accordingly, due to the same friend and because I'm willing to try any and all things, I'm taking Vitamin D supplements and using magnesium oil. 

2. I am a low maintenance kind of gal, which probably contributes largely to why I consider the colder months such a pain- there is more work to do in the upkeep and maintenance of warmth and sanity. For instance, moisturizing my lips and body and especially my hands, is something that I don't want to have to be doing all the time. So I don't, then get dry and chapped and uncomfortable and then get cranky about it. My attitude really needs a overhaul here and I just need to be in the mindset of having lotion and balm around to apply constantly. 

3. My job. All I can say about this right now is that I am struggling to adjust all my dials to 'grateful', daily.  Things that help me check my attitude include listening to Handel's Messiah, going outside if the sun is out, sitting in my car with the heat blasting for a few minutes, or get a cup of hot tea. 

4. My daughter. She is SUCH a delight. I marvel and wonder at her and feel so privileged to be her mom. But I also have all sorts of feelings about whether I spend enough time with her as a working mom, and it's funny because just earlier this year I was going to write a post about how I have come to terms about liking being a working mom. Which just goes to show how fickle this trying-to-have-it-all-journey can get. These days I fantasize about all the things I could be doing with her at home if I wasn't at work. But I remind myself, she loves the daycare she is at, they do all sorts of activities there and she is learning so much. Plus, I get the most joyous of greetings when I pick her up at the end of the day; it makes so many things worthwhile. This also means I savor the moments I do have with her, and if I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and short of patience, I know I need an attitude check. 

5. The difference that I feel when I change out of my work clothes when I get home is significant. In order to avoid the cranky I need to get out of those work clothes and into some baggy pants ASAP. 

6. Socks. I hate wearing socks when I'm in the house. And instead of accepting the fate that is winter and putting on my socks in order to stay warm, I feel extremely contrary and insist on keeping my socks off most of the time and then feeling upset about how it is cold.  I'm in serious need of an adjustment here, in the form of: suck it up! I finally found my house slippers the other day and I feel less suffocated by these, so I'm on my way to a better attitude and warmer feet.

7. Eating well. There is something about this weather that makes me want to spiral out of control and sit on the couch eating an entire pie, or overreat that curry that makes me feel like I am getting a hug from the inside. I am cold all the time these days so my cold bones is telling me that I need to fatten up, but I have a feeling this might make me feel worse. I need to be aware of slipping into my 'eh whatever' attitude and stay in tune with my body- being aware of what my body needs is usually what makes me feel the best. 

8. Exercise. Speaking of what my body needs, there are two parts of me at odds when it comes to working out- one part knows I should to work out, and the other part wants to get under the covers and lay perfectly still. This has always been the case for me; it's so much harder to get exercise in the winter, but not getting those bursts of endorphins is not helping the dark moods. The other day, seized by the desire to jump start this attitude, I did a quick work out (as many rounds of 30 jump ropes and 10 burpees as possible in 20 minutes) as soon as I got home. It was rough, but it got me sweating, I was warm from the inside out, and I noticed a shift in mood. 

9. Cooking. I'm not one of those people who think cooking and baking is a de-stressor. There are moments where I am in the zone, chopping vegetables with The Voice on as background, and I'm like 'oh this is nice'. More often than not, cooking can be stressful when it is squeezed into a busy day, and I find myself wondering 'wait why am I doing this? Because I do A LOT of cooking and baking. But I realized the other day, it's because it just feels so damn good to actually make something. After a long day of processing forms, responding to emails and working with spreadsheets, there is some part of me that gets satisfied with the process of creating something and then seeing the results. My adjustment on this has to be to see things not as a chore, but as a creation process. Hey and what about taking joy in the fact that I am helping my family consume real and healthy foods?

10. Speaking of being creative, whenever I'm feeling a little off, it usually means I need to check myself to see if I'm doing anything creative. I find myself doing projects where I work with my hands (like those confetti poppers I made this past weekend for a freelance type job), but since this is not what I do on a day-to-day, I need to make sure I get some form of it in daily doses.  No matter how busy and practical a day is, I must find time to read or write. This is a must and I need to adjust my priorities to always include this. Whether it be reading 10 minutes of a book I like during my break at work, or typing furiously with my fingers into my little note pad app on my phone whenever I have a thought (like I'm doing right now), I need to engage with this part of myself and make it an important part of each day.

Ten things!!

And there are even more things, can you believe it, but I think ten is a nice number to wrap up on.  The first step towards change is acknowledging the problems, right? There are moments where I am irrevocably, 'hear me roar and let me just sit here like a lump until it passes', but this me, trying to be proactive about it.  

I really believe the extent to which I can enjoy my life has to do with my attitude about it.

And hey! even after a bad/hard day, at least I get a chance to start over again the next morning, right? 

Hup. hup. 


  1. Ah, I posted a comment but it got erased!
    I said something about dory from finding nemo... attitude adjustments are so necessary in life because it's easy to forget. FYI, reading your blog is definitely on my list of ten! <3

  2. way to be resolved. just keep swimming!