Sunday, October 19, 2014


I baked not one...not two.. but three things with apples in them this past week! I brought an apple spiced cake, an apple crisp and a French apple tart into existence. Of the three, my favorite was the tart and I'm going to do it again this weekend so be on the lookout. 

This was Friday (now it's already Monday, and yah I'm bummed about it) after a long week, but look at these faces! We had a little apple picnic on the porch while their parents were in the garage gym and we couldn't have been more pleased with ourselves.

The weekend commenced and that evening there was a birthday bonfire for Emily, errands and lunch the next day with Ken and Sloane, a visit to a harvest festival in the park, an engagement party for Chris and Caroline, church on Sunday morning followed by cooking aaaall afternoon for the week, and then dinner with the Clinch clan. 

Apple crisp with whipped cream, check.

Happy birthday Emily!!! 

This was such a lovely moment of being with my family, eating really good food (Indian) outdoors in the sunshine. 

This little pipsqueak and her stick, adventuring the afternoon away.

I posted this photo on Instagram with some brainstorming ideas of how to survive the colder, darker months. You guys, the oppression of these months is fully in effect and I'm trying to equip for battle. The strategy includes: being fireside, wool socks, fleece-lined tights, long underwear, hot teas (chai is my jam right now), fall and winter pies, all sorts of soups, supplementing with vitamin d3 and magnesium oil, sweating, snuggling, reading in bed, celebrating all sorts of things, moisturizing, and so on.....


  1. Hi Christine,

    Can I just say that Broccoli soup is GREAT GREAT to help you stay warm and feel loved at the same time. I found a recipe on a blog, but do not know if you mind advertising other blogs on here. I just fell in love with this soup, we have had it 4 times in just over 2 weeks. Just trying to help you get through these colder days.

    Love from Holland,

  2. cauliflower soup too (smitten kitchen's one takes two seconds and is very delicious!)

  3. Both brocolli and cauliflower soup sounds good! I will try.
    I like sloane's brown boots.

  4. @Astrid, yes please share the recipe!

    @miss manton, i can't wait to try it...