Tuesday, October 21, 2014


No one should be too surprised if this blog turns into a "how-to" survival guide for getting through the winter, for the next few months. A documentary of my attempts, the triumphs and the failures, and so forth.  That being said, if you have suggestions, things that have worked for you, or recipes to share, please include them in the comments below, and I will try it.

The past couple of mornings, it has been about 45 degrees when Sloane and I walk out the door to the car, and you should see Sloane's face when we get into the car. "It's cold, momma. My car is cold!" And then, "Oh my ear is cold", with wonder and concern on her face.  "Oh I know, bunny", I say, with utmost sympathy. "I'm turning on the heat. (And I'll remember to start the car earlier tomorrow, I tell myself)." 

"I'm not a bunny, I'm a puppy." She says back. And then, "I'm a big girl, too!"

These are the things I've been doing this week, which are my equivalent of being swaddled and rocked like a babe:

+ adding hot chocolate into my dark coffee
+ and then hot teas and/or hot water, all day long
listening to the entirety of Handel's Messiah at one time
+ keeping a snood on (a wonderful one hand knit by a wonderful friend, God bless her)
+ hand lotion and lip balm at my desk at all times, to be applied every 30 minutes.
+ eating a glorious banh mi to erase my memories of all the bad ones I had recently 
+ and true story, one of my dinners this week consisted of three chocolate chip cookies and a giant glass of almond milk. 

And then, 
I did one (underhand) unassisted pull up! I didn't think the underhand counted, but my coach says it did, so I'm gonna take it and be proud of myself. Yeah-uh.

Unrelated, but maybe sort of related, and to carry us into the picture portion of this post..... the main event at the apple picnic last week was this elephant that Sloane made at daycare. It is adorable: an elephant face made out of cardboard and where the trunk goes, a party blower thingie (is that the official name?) so that if you blow on it from the other side, the elephant 'trumpets' his trunk. The joy that the kids derived from this was awe-inspiring. 

It's still cold today, and it's so rainy and grey, but the lesson of the day is: it's the simple things. 


  1. i love the photos! those clinch boys are just too much. and i am making that black bean and sweet potato hash tonight, if that helps at all. i add kale and use coconut oil...

  2. Hi Christine,

    Okay, this is the link for the Broccoli soup:


    I didn't do the floats and the whole oven thing, because of the extra dishes. But it's such a great and simple recipe. My husband and I are totally in love with it. ALso! I keep thinking afterwards.. why didn't I double or triple the recipe, I think it would be great to have in the freezer for one of those days. Oh and last but not least, I would use one floret (or about 400 gr.) of broccoli with the other amounts, not three. Have a great&soupy week!

  3. Oh, I hear you on the avoiding winter thing. I am currently bundled under a blanket with chilly toes! I make this sweet potato chili often and it is SO good.