Friday, October 17, 2014


We did it!! It was raining as we drove up but I'll take a rainy, foggy, muddy trip to the orchard over the supermarket any day.  Something about being on top of that mountain, plucking them apples off the trees and smelling the wet soil makes those apples tastes soooo dang good.  Apple picking is my favorite thing to do in the fall, and it makes me doubly happy to share that experience with Sloane!

It is so startling to look back to just last year, (this was her third time!), not just because we look slightly different but because I can see how much my frame of mind is changing. I like each year better and better as it goes... Isn't that something !


We ended that day, as all fall days should end, with a campfire.

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  1. I pretend the fire pit just next to me with my ipad standing on my desk. Those apples are so red and you two look different from last year.