Wednesday, October 8, 2014


...yes, a fire pit!!! 

But first, a bird feeder.  We finally put up the glorious bird feeder that we made a couple of weeks ago at Simone's birthday party. It was exciting! We've been checking it every day since.

After we put up this hunk of a treat for the birds and deer of our neighborhood, I showed Sloane the fire pit that I had made while she was napping. 

Ta-da! It's your very basic run of the mill fire pit, but I am terribly proud of it because I made it all by myself. Ken was more than willing to help, but he had a project of his own in the garage and with only a few free hours in the afternoon, i rolled up my sleeves and got to work.  I hauled 14 cement blocks from the car to the backyard, dug a hole about one feet deep and three feet wide,  placed the cement blocks around the hole, and then filled the bottom of it with marble rocks. Not a bad set up for $30 and two hours of work. 

I love a hundred things about a contained fire and I'm relieved that having this pit means several fireside moments these next few months. Fire-gazing, fancy smore combinations, hot dog on a stick, clothes seeping with the smell of campfire - bring it on!

Important lessons in fire safety.

At this moment, she breathed out a, "wooww!"

Our backyard looks like a campsite!

And then our friends came over...and we broke it in with marshmallows. Watching the tots rejoice as they roasted their marshmallows over the pit did me a world of good and reinforced my belief in humanity and hard work, and all that. 


  1. chicky and i miss sloane so much! we spent a good thirty mintues yesterday discussing which photo- sloane-moment we liked best

    good job with the glorious fire pit! we are going camping this wknd but having one in your backyard is sublime

  2. It would be a perfect fall with a fire at the backyard of your own house!