Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Mama bear, aka, Simone (and daughter of dear friend Martha), turned a whopping three years old and we celebrated in proper form - in the woods, searching for acorns and pine cones, making bird seed feeders and sifting for jewels. It all culminated in a glorious moment having to do with a giant purple salmon cake. It brought me so much joy to see these tiny figures sitting around a tiny table eating their snacks, doing their activities and running around together. Sloane had such a great time and was excited to tell her papa aaaalll about it when we got home. 

yarrrrrrrrr!! it's my birthday!

the biggest pinecone in all the land

eden, popcorn monger and expert depositor of said popcorn

'what? she won't mind sharing..' 

purple salmon cake eaters!

sharing secrets

and some shots of the birthday girl, soaking in the rays and the delights of the day:

looking for bears!

group photo!

group plus the babes! kind of.

peace out fellow bears and woodland animals!


  1. this was such a sweet day, eden really was on the popcorn scene. what a beautiful job you did telling this story