Sunday, September 21, 2014


We had a great weekend - Sloane got to hang out with a baby that she now wants to adopt as her own and we went to a really fun 3 year old birthday party!

 And now we are back, trying to dip slowly back into the pool that is the work week. The water is bracing! I'm sharing a few links here if you need some things to look at to get your motor going this morning:

1. Did you ever read 'The Pushcart War' when you were a kid? I really enjoyed reading this article about it from the New Yorker.
2. Another interesting article from the New Yorker about solving the homelessness problem.
3. I've been checking out the little t-shirts for kids from Wildly Co. and Kid + Kind... adorable.
4. I'm always on the lookout for a basic black legging pant or jean that I can wear with everything in the fall and winter... recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find these are a good fit and comfortable.
5. It is really pricey, but all of a sudden, I want a giant print of a buffalo.
6. Enamored with this kitchen renovation; I love the white, wood, brass, and dark grey/black combination.
7. Ken's been listening to this song a lot.  I've been listening to this one.
8.  I love garlic and I love tarts..... a garlic tart?

OK guys, we can do it....outta my way, Monday!!


  1. Love the pictures!
    Have a great week,


  2. With her hair dogn, sloane looks older!