Monday, September 1, 2014


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! When I got into work this morning my co-worker har-hared that being back at work today felt like the first day of school. And it's true, everyone has sort of a glassy-eyed, bewildered expression on their faces that say, 'what am I doing here?' I had a great weekend away in VA beach and I'm not going to whine about wanting one more day, but as soon as I got into work I ate two chocolate chip cookies and fistfuls of popcorn with my coffee, if that tells you anything. Side note: I am starting to consider myself a connoisseur of sorts of kettle corn and my research has concluded that the best one out there is Angie's Sweet and Salty popcorn. Uncle Dave's popcorn from that stand at Williamsburg outlet mall is close on its heels. 

Because this is how my brain is working right now, some thoughts on it in the form of a list: 

1. I thank my lucky stars all the time that I like my in-law family as much as I do.  

2. We were on a boat that my SIL's fiancĂ©, Ray, was driving and then Ken, Ray and I jumped off the boat and (along with Sloane!) swam to shore. It wasn't that far, but Ken and I were surprised by how tiring it was and it made me wish we did more of this jumping off the boat business so that I could get better at ocean swimming. It's thrilling and fun and such a good workout. Plus, ocean hair. 

3. Sloane on a boat, her first time ever, adorable.

4. I like VA beach more and more, each time we visit. Have I told you about this thing I do where I start fantasizing and planning out what it would be like to live in whatever city I visit? It's a sort of game I play with myself. It's not necessarily me willing it to happen, it's usually a way that I get to know a city, be fully present and test how open I am to change. This most recent visit, I was doing a lot of that and at one point I was imagining our little family all going surfing together on an early weekend morning. 

5. I had a delicious Old fashioned cocktail at our anniversary dinner (set up by my rad MIL and SIL). I like that the drink just gets better as you drink it. There is a metaphor in there somewhere. 

6. Four year anniversary lessons: The way that Ken and I are different is what is going to make us better people. The ways that we grapple and grow through this is what is going to make us an even better couple.

7. I have poo-poo'ed the advent of the electronic reader and declared that yes, I totally get it and yes, I'm sure it's wonderful, but that I personally could never get used to it, but then... one fell into my possession by way of a giveaway (!!! shout out, joy the baker) and you guys, it's a game changer. I still prefer holding the physical book - each book has character to it and the physical touch of the pages is an important part of the experience for me - but oh the convenience of a kindle! It's not as off-putting as I've imagined it, the words on the screen are not glaring and bright, and I am finding so many more opportunities to pull it out at sporadic moments to fit in time to read. More on what I've been reading, later.

8. At several points on Sunday afternoon, the majority of which was spent at a car dealership, I looked over at Ken and was so glad that he is the type of person that he is in these types of situations, which is someone who does a lot of research and knows things about numbers and financing and rates and such and such. All the parts of my brain that reject that sort of thing as a foreign language finds it very attractive in my husband. 

9. As always, I am mourning the end of summer. 

10. I'm putting together a little video of our weekend; it will probably show up here sometime later this week. I'm excited to share ! Some of our photos in the meanwhile:


  1. S is such a water baby!
    Love that you guys had such a lovely anniversary weekend :)
    And let me know what books you want!

  2. that is SUCH a nice gift from the MIL and SIL to arrange that

    and sloanie really is a water baby!