Sunday, September 14, 2014


We're now in that transitional phase, where we're still getting mosquito bites, but the evenings are chilly enough for a light jacket....where I am starting to get excited for crunchy colored leaves and cinnamon in the air, but dreading having to exchange easy summer clothes for multi-layered fall clothes. You guys, don't worry, I'm going to do it; I just have to talk myself through it every time. The other day Ken was watching football and I was roasting sweet potatoes with cinnamon on them and feeling like yeah...fall! But please, spare me all the talk about pumpkin spice lattes...

I have been having some kind of a week, did you hear? I believe in therapy, I would gladly get myself in front of a therapist, but when that can't happen I also believe in the kind of therapy that involves blue skies, heavy ripe fruit on branches, sweaty brow, busy hands and a bounty of grapes to walk away with. We did that at Blackwater Vineyards  this past weekend and it was good a soul-soothing session as any. Even battling the giant bees for the juiciest of grapes was poetic. 

I have more words to say about this past weekend, and marriage, and probably some more words about the weather (I know, thrilling), but I'll save that for another post because I need to run off and tackle my Monday to-do list.  Until then, true to form, some photos of said grape harvesting...


  1. your photos always make me feel like i was there

  2. you are so lucky to go all different kinds of fruit picking from spring through fall.
    Beautiful photos!

  3. her tiny hands holding two whole grapes