Friday, August 8, 2014



One morning this past week,  my mom, Sloane and I woke up extra early and made our way over to Sub Rosa, a bakery in the neighborhood of Church Hill. We got there when it first opened so it was deliciously empty and the floors were swathed in brand new morning light. There was fresh flatbread coming out of the oven, flaky croissants in the display case and the hush of dawn filling up the rest of the store.  The stage was being set for the upcoming day of the bakery, awaiting the flow of characters coming through and anticipating the conversations to be had.  Sitting at the table in these moments felt luxurious - it was both the quiet and the company I was with, as well as the chance to take it in before the usual bustle of the day. It did feel like I was in some far off place, enjoying my coffee and pastry while watching the world wake up. I had been there several times before, but not in this way. So this is what I heartily recommend   - go to your favorite cafe, bakery or coffee when it first opens, grab a seat, enjoy a cup of something hot while introducing yourself to the day's first moments. 


On one of your evenings, maybe after one of those days full of unwanted prickly moments, and grab a ginger beer, lime and some bourbon and make yourself a cocktail. It can be a different set of ingredients, but make it a cocktail and even better if it's one that you've never tried before. The novelty of it may make you feel fancy.  


Squeeze in time during your day to read that fun book you've been meaning to. Even if it's only for about 15 minutes, find that bench outside of your work, let your body soak in some sun and get lost. This always transports me.  Right now I'm taking mini vacations to Paris in the 1920s!

Have a great weekend you guys! Hope one or more of these types of things make your way into your weekend.

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  1. I love that you not only find brilliant ways to make your days seem fresh and exciting, but that you are also able to write about it so fluidly. You are certainly gifted in both ways. :) <3