Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Oh it's on. We've got less than a month of summer left and I'm living these last few weeks with eyes wide open and no regrets. Am I constantly wishing for just one more weekend day? Sure. Could I use more sleep? Always. Is there not enough days for both working out and kicking back with a cocktail? Seemingly never. But all the more reason to charge on, full steam, taking prisoners and making cocktails as I go. And hash tagging #bourboncocktailsallsummerlong on Instagram. Yeah, it's a thing I've been doing. 

For a summer well-lived so far, I'll raise my glass to Helen, the unofficial and loosely designated patron saint of our bar cart. She has been keeping a close eye on all my bourbon cocktail making activities, and she approves. If you're wondering, this particular glass is holding vanilla amaretto ice cream, bourbon and stout. Cheers!

This baby of mine is getting so big. After we got home from Eden's birthday last week, my mom asked her where she had been and Sloane casually responded with, "a party."  I didn't even know she knew that word and no one had told her it was a party we had been at, where did she get that? 

She also asked me how old I was the other day, and gave me the options of, "Two? One?" You know, 'cause those are the ages she knows so far.

How do all the moms out there bear the heartbreak of their babes growing up?!

Lots of giant squeezes and a shower of kisses is probably how. And going on family gyro and gelato dates....which end in quick stops to JCrew where Sloane does things like pick out a necklace ("Mommy, the yellow one!") and prances around the store while I make heart eyes at her.

This post is not quite cohesive, but no matter. You're still with me, right? Stay with me. I'm still trying to get my weekday legs on after a whirlwind of a weekend. A wonderful whirlwind. We were in Maryland with my family and couldn't get enough of the lot of them. More posts and pictures on this later, ohhh don't you worry. 

They're the best. 

After we left the family, we stopped by an outlet mall . It was here that we had Sloane's first public mini meltdown. It only lasted about a minute, but it was real and it was over a pair of shoes she wanted to keep on (yeaaa, shoes. It's her thing apparently). Ken and I gave each other a LOOK like, 'oh, this is happening.' Part of me was all crisis management mode and the other part of me wanted to giggle hysterically. That's the nice thing about doing this parenting thing with your husband, you get to give each other LOOKS and roll your eyes, and then get it done and collapse into each other later while telling funny stories about what happened that day. 

Afterwards, we found ourselves eating sushi that we had picked up and unpacked in the Starbucks cafe of a Target. Our family of three sat huddled over a table, me nursing my hot coffee, Ken nursing his container of wasabi soy sauce and Sloane working on a cup of lo mein which she was expertly forking out and getting into her mouth. When we were done, it was pouring ran, and we ran through the storm to make it back into the car; we were wet, full, tired and happy. 

Hey! While I'm throwing random things out there, let me share some things: 
2- FredEx 3 on Late Night with Seth Meyers via Laura
3- Sylvan Esso is a band I've been listening to, do you know them? The first song of theirs I listened to was 'Coffee'.  The song I'm listening to now is 'Could I Be'. (I can't find a proper audio version of 'Could I Be' on Youtube, so that version will have to do.)

And to round it all off, some family photos from Eden's birthday party last week. Sloane is supremely good at backing up against the wall for a photo. She thinks it's funny and fun to back up and lean against the wall side by side. So here we are, militant but wanting to hold on to mom's finger. Also, mysterious wet spot on Ken's shirt.


  1. the Fred Ex, I can't, its too funny. your little family is so darling to observe

  2. It is painfully and beautifully hard to watch them say and do and grow. Cuddling makes it easier but ugh...but at two, still babies.