Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I had one of those days today where I felt like I was chewed up and spit out. You won, Wednesday, you won! I yelled up into the sky as I walked out of the office.

Do you know what is excellent for a woe-is-me kind of day?

Polenta, apparently. But not just any kind of polenta. Polenta made from scratch, from fresh corn, and made according to Yotam Ottolenghi's instructions.  I have been wanting to make this because one, it sounds delicious and two, I will do anything Yotam tells me to do. Yotam Ottolenghi has this way with vegetables and spices that makes me want to get in it every time (more lauding here), and this was one way to do it.

Polenta made fresh like this is a thing unto its own, so try it, if you're in the least bit interested. Even though it may initially seems like a drawn out process, it's quite doable. The hardest part is scraping the kernels off the corn, and the rest is easy.  Then you end up with warm, creamy, sweet, delicious comfort porridge to stuff into your weary body.

I followed this up with a much needed conversation with my parents, which fills me up in different kind of way, and now I'm sipping on a delicious bourbon & fuji apple cocktail to be lulled into sleep.  So maybe you don't win after all, Wednesday.

And for a bonus behind the scenes look:

Sloane watched me taking photos of the food and decided to follow suit by snapping some pictures of her own. Her camera is a yellow block.

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