Friday, August 22, 2014


Ellicott City is a city 20 minutes outside of Baltimore, and it was this summer's chosen location for our family gathering. I had never heard of it before, but my parents discovered it during their trip last year and was the best candidate for a quick one-night getaway; it had a quaint historic town, it was driving distance from all of us, and it had a hotel with a great indoor and outdoor pool.  I soon learned the town has the oldest train station in America, too, and also a lot of Korean people. Go figure. 

We came in from all over the place. My parents had flown in from Seoul, South Korea the week before, my sister, Sharon and Paul had been in Melbourne, Australia until a few days ago (and then Paul had to travel to Savannah so he wasn't able to join us), my brother-in-law, Val, was coming in off a trip to Romania, and came with my sister, Eunice, from DC. Ken, Sloane and I made the trek up from Richmond, with Sloane happy as a clam in the backseat in her kitty cat dress.

Some background about The Kitty Cat Dress. I found this dress at Target and knew Sloane would go for it, and I was right; she fell for it hard. She didn't want to take it off at the end of the day and only did so after I promised her she could wear it to daycare on Monday.  Last night, Ken's bed time story apparently included a thrilling tale of a puppy going on a walk and meeting a kitty cat, and something something. Sloane was trying to re-tell it to me, eyes wide and arms gesturing and flailing around. I didn't quite follow, but I gathered it was quite the tale, the way she was telling it. 

We all met on Saturday afternoon and did things like try a hot banh-mi spot (according to yelp, but it was just ok), coffee at a cute cafe, a walk up historic Main Street, a stop by a wine shop and recreated home from the 1800s, lots of pool time at the hotel, Korean BBQ for dinner and tennis and church the next morning. It was too short but I loved hanging out with my family uninterrupted at least for that short while and I loved seeing my family interact with Sloane. 

I think somewhere back in the beginning of summer I said something about wanting to be super present this season. I mean, I'm always saying that but i meant it in the sense of acknowledging that summer always goes by so fast and I wanted to be sure to savor every moment. I'd say I'm pleased with my efforts so far; I'm here, I'm thankful, is a mantra I would often say in my head. I put this into practice even more when my parents are here. I miss them a lot during the year and appreciate the trip they make over here so that we can all be together and remind ourselves of our home base: each other.  I can't help but savor these moments. I'm here, I'm thankful. 


  1. Sloane and your dad! too cute. I love that reminder, I am here, I am thankful. mind if I borrow it?

  2. love the annual kim family gathering recap