Sunday, August 17, 2014


Get ready to see pictures of a seriously adorable one year old. No, really. Are you ready??

Eden has this smile that can light up an entire room - if she happens to be looking at you while she is flashing one of them smiles, you feel like you are the best person on earth. I held this little gem of a baby when she was first born, and that probably has something to do with how thrilling it is to witness her growing from a newborn babe into a little tot who is now walking around, making her opinions known and flashing that one thousand watt smile everywhere she goes.

Eden's mom, Laura, had a little get together last week to hurrah Eden's one year mark, and it was the loveliest afternoon of grownups and kids hanging out in the backyard drinking lemonade, splashing around in the baby pool and soaking in the summer.

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