Wednesday, July 23, 2014


One of the things I am resolved to do one of these years is to put on my big girl pants and grow some of my own vegetables and fruit. Ken and I keep talking about it but we can't seem to find a spare moment. In the meanwhile, I will gratefully take gorgeous vegetables grown in other people's gardens. Those cucumbers up there are going to be turned into a cuke and onion salad, if you were wondering. 

I've told Ken that a grand and romantic gesture he can do for me one day is to plant me an apple tree. He came back with something about how I don't ever want to live in one place long enough for us to grow an apple tree. The man gets practical, real quick. 

I'm turning 31 in two days and in the spirit of embracing my 30s, I'm making a list of things I want to accomplish in the next five years, including things like growing vegetables and paying off one of my most horrendous student loans. Growing and growing up, I'm excited about the list!  

And for the sake of posting some random photos waiting patiently in my phone to be shared:

These days in the car, Sloane sings songs by herself with great aplomb.  It's the most adorable thing ever. It's a little bit of pride, a gush of love, a cup of appreciating the sheer adorableness, and a dash of sadness that this is a fleeting time. 

During our nighttime rituals tonight, wherein I sing her several songs, she told me to shush and elected to sing herself the songs that I usually sing to her.

My dear friend Hilary came to visit last week from California with her boyfriend, who I got to meet for the very first time. Both of them are absolute gems. 

I especially love a breakfast that is roasted vegetables with a fried egg on top. Washed down with a protein shake and I am superwoman ready to go take on the world! At the very least, my day.

So there was this band that I really wanted to go see the other night, and we had big plans to make a date night out of it. Due to several factors, we had to put the kibosh on it and instead, a night of crossfit made special because we got to do it together! Followed by sushi and ending with thoughts of we must do this more often. 

And last but not least: you guys, I'm on my way to reaching my goal of handstand push ups by the end of the summer!