Monday, July 7, 2014


I tried to make watching fireworks happen this year, I really did. I was super motivated because Sloane is at an age where she can appreciate (or be scared of?) the wonder that is fireworks and I was telling her all about it and we were yelling, 'fireworks!' 'fireworks!' over and over again to each other in the car, but then the ones that we were going to go see on Thursday night got cancelled because of the rain. Then we made a valiant attempt on Saturday night for the rescheduled show, but we didn't make it until dark. We did, however, visit the Blue Bee Cider brewery in the old Manchester district in the meanwhile, took in some good cider and hup hupped around the parking lot until we left.  

Sloane reeeally wanted to try some of the cider and used every ounce of charm that she has to try to get me to let her have some. At one point she kept saying that she just wanted to smell it, and so would take a really deep sniff and then look at me with sparkly eyes and a big smile that was all, 'come on, mom, just a sip?'

This large parking lot (?) space in front of the brewery had great views of the city skyline and is just the sort of space that I imagine would be the perfect location to practice all my street dancing moves with my street dancing friends. This is what Step Up, the movie, all four of them, has taught me.  And if you too are interested in B-level (C-level?) movies about dancing, Step Up 5 (yes, FIVE!) called, 'Step Up All In' is coming out this August. It looks TERRIBLE, but I have been known to watch worse. Anything that has any sort of dancing + dance competition + comeback story in it, I'm in.

This whole weekend was a good one.  I got a lot of work done and  we even got to see some family who came into town. At the end of these weekends, Sloane and I like to snuggle in the armchair together and recount all the things we did, usually in the form of a story that I tell about a girl named Sloane who has a mommy and a papa and a dog named Rusty....we both love these stories.


  1. lovely weekend, absurdly cute daughter

  2. I would like to hear some of these stories about the girl named Sloane with a mama and papa and dog named Rusty!