Monday, June 30, 2014


First things first. On Friday morning while I was cooking up some breakfast I turned around and saw this scene happening: Ken and Sloane watching Beyoncé videos, in order to - according to Ken - 'get inspired'.  We had a wedding that night  and apparently Beyoncé was going to make sure we were properly motivated for the dance floor. 

And what a night it was! I lost count of the number of times Ken and I said, 'what a weekend!' to each other, and this was on Saturday night, even before the weekend was over. For our viewing pleasure, I'm just going to relay some of weekend, according to my handy iPhone. The iPhone was front and center in capturing things like: a beautiful wedding at Main Street train station, reunion with old friends, lamplighter coffee, Blanchard's Dark and Dark coffee ice cream (my favorite right now), Catan with the boys, a sweet Sunday morning at church, bowls and bowls of watermelon after pool and volleyball, and lots of play time and nap time with my baby girl.  

Not pictured: Hours of non-stop dancing. Also, the MVP of the weekend, Ken's mom, with whom Sloane had the best time while her parents were doing said dancing.     

Hey and while we are at it, let me throw in some photos from last week too: paleo bread, Hardywood's Bourbon Cru, Black Sheep with Soonie and her fiancé, and pool and volleyball every Sunday.  


  1. that photo of sloane standing on the bench next to ken = gold.

  2. lol at that picture of sloane next to our gigantic alien weeds...where's our HOA at?!?!

  3. okay playing major catch up here, so i'll keep my exuberance to one point each! i love her tiny fingers poking ken absent-mindedly...what a little darling