Monday, June 30, 2014


My MIL was out shopping with Sloane this past weekend and while they were perusing, Sloane apparently held up a grey v-neck shirt and said, 'Mommy?' as in, 'This is obviously Mommy's shirt because this soo looks like something she would wear.' My MIL bought the shirt for Sloane and here we are, rocking our grey v-necks. 

Happy JULY, everyone ! This is my favorite month of the year because one, it is my birthday month, and two, this month represents the epitome of summer to me. I like being on the other side of the coldest month of the year and reveling in the long summer days. Plus, Fourth of July is coming up and I think we are going to (finally) to find some fireworks this year!  Here's to hoping this month goes nice and slow..