Tuesday, June 3, 2014


June, is that really you?? SO glad to see you; May was quite the month there, with Ken out of town for over half the month and strange illnesses and other bumpy road type things. I loved the month anyways, the whole month kind of was like a toast to good friends; my sisters came to town, two graduations, a baby shower,  one of my best friends celebrates her birthday this month, and there were those Memorial Day get-togethers.

Now it looks like June is going to be a month of weddings. We already went to one of them this past weekend, and there are two more to go! And another baby shower. And more friends coming to town.  Hey! I love summer.

But back to the graduation parties, because all the pictures in this post is about one of them. I am just so dang proud of the friends that graduated this month. They are husbands and fathers and worked their butts off while their wives cheered hard from the sidelines and picked up any slack. So I am really dang proud of the wives, too. We had hoorah'ed Robert and Kevin at a party the week before at this beautiful house filled with people so proud they could burst, and then the following week we had another party for Ian at his parents' romantic backyard.

It was one of those lovely hazy early summer evenings -  there were tables set up in the garden, the plants were lush and the babes, plentiful and adorable.  How lucky we are to celebrate in such ways.

i could hang out with this girl all day and follow her on all her adventures

i could just eat her up

this was so. good. there was a chorizo sweet potato thing, coleslaw, fresh corn and bean salad, guacamole, all wrapped up in there.   

sloane has been asking to be held 'like a baby' recently.  also, matching bobby pins! 


  1. graduation parties, wedding, and baby showers all go with bright sunlight and greens of June.

  2. sounds of a great summer full of happy events!