Sunday, June 15, 2014


This guy. It seems like he's getting better and better with age. I suspect it has something to do with his humility and willingness to learn and grow. He also has this iron-clad determination and a passion like a volcano. I feel lucky to say that this is the kind of man I want to lean on and go on all my adventures with. 

And what great qualities these make in a dad! A willingness to learn who your daughter is and grow in wisdom to guide her, iron-clad determination to be there for her no matter what, and passion to share and show her all of life's joys. Sloane says she feels lucky, too; I can tell by the way she yells 'papa!' as she runs to him.

Thanks Ken, for being the kind of husband and dad that makes us become better and better. 


  1. bravo!! like i'm at a play or something, but you know, clap clap clap! for the sentiments