Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We woke up at 6AM the morning after our night stay in Aptos, an area 10 minutes west of Santa Cruz, to get some crossfit in. We were going to sweat and we were going to do it really early in the morning while we were on vacation. Maybe that made the whole trip even better, the fact that we peppered in exercise throughout, justifying big meals and letting endorphins loose. 

It's hard to beat that feeling after working out your bod and then walking out into crisp California morning air, the whole day ahead of you. Invincibility feels near.  Our morning got even better because llama were involved. The place where we stayed was on a beautiful piece of property and the owners raised llamas. They look a little like camels, but also give off the vibe of a donkey, maybe even a large dog. Most importantly, they look like they are about to tell you a really good joke. 

I was going to blog a lot more this week, because I have things to say! And pictures to share! but this week was the week after Ken got back from his business trip, Sloane has been waking up in the middle of the night either asking to eat or for a good long cuddle, and I have been trying to prioritize things like washing the dishes and watching the pilot of the Americans with Ken, so, there’s that and now it’s already Thursday and I’m okay with that.

But back to California. Traveling through other different parts of California really put the ol’ travel bug back in these bones. Outside of San Francisco, we drove to Dublin, Napa, Pao Alto, Santa Cruz and then down to Carmel by the Sea before traveling back up to San Francisco along the coast on US-1.  Moving through the various landscapes of northern California showed us how much there is to see in that big state and it got me itching to explore the whole of it.

These last few photos here are mostly of landscapes and us in front of landscapes, but I’m hoping you get a sense of what I must have been like on the other side of the camera, taking these photos.  I exhaled a lot of ‘wows’ but there was also a lot of me being silenced by the beauty and space and vastness; the kind of silence you can hear and learn from. 


  1. It really looks different from other states. Like a foreign country, feels exotic sunlight, and smells warm air.

  2. you have made me feel like i was on this vacation. thanks for all the sharing