Monday, May 26, 2014


A quick recap of the past couple of weeks, according to my iPhone:

I got this pie book a few months ago and I am just now really taking the time to go through it, and boy it is worth my time. I came across this Strawberry Balsamic Pie in the Spring section of the book the other week, I salivated, and I made it. It was delicious.

A few weekends ago, I was up in northern VA for a baby shower and I got to see my sister. And this puppy, who crashed our rooftop party and did not want to seem to leave. We got dangerously close to taking him home.

Beautiful fresh spring salad with strawberries, garlic roasted potatoes and oven baked fish, courtesy of my sister.

A few peeks into the baby shower, decor inspired by Oh Joy for Target and....donuts. Obviously. 

The Boka truck has been coming to our work for lunch during certain days of the week and I am a happy customer. A shrimp and grits with bacon taco and a coconut curry with shrimp taco? I'm in.

Working out in our makeshift garage gym is a thing these days. We've been having friends come over and work out with us and even Sloane wants to get in on it.

My dear friend Caroline had a few of us over to their lovely (newly green!) backyard for delicious spread.  It was relaxing to lay in the sun and catch up surrounded by babes and bubbles. 

No, but seriously, are we in the last week of May!? Holy smokes. I better keep my eyes wide open lest I blink and miss summer.  


  1. love these pics! I totally forgot to text you back about the potatoes! I used a baked russet potatoes:)

  2. love the update! craving some pie now.