Friday, May 2, 2014


Sloane got this little coloring book for being "student of the week" (which she got like three times in a row!! she's a genius!) and as we were flipping through it, I asked her what each of the animals on each page was. Then we got to this page and I asked her, "And who is that?" Her response without a moment's hesitation: "Mommy!"

You know how I was complaining about the rain in my last post? Well I take it allll back now that it's not raining anymore and everything is green, and spongy and just gorgeous all around. It's like the world is in technicolor! For the petrichor, I'll take a few rainy days.

I am positively thrilled to have made it to Friday. If you were to ask Ken and if he were to be honest, he'd say that I was a huge pot of crabby every time we talked after work this week. During some of those days the absolute last thing I wanted to do was drag my butt over to the gym, but I made it there both times and each time I left feeling like a brand new woman. I'm in love with working out for the way it makes me feel afterwards - sweaty and strong. And it puts me in the best mood.

It also puts me in a superb mood to get through the week in one piece, and be faced with a weekend filled with my sisters and an obstacle race! Ken has to fly out for work on Sunday night, but let's not think about that now and just focus on rolling around in the green, plush, after-rainstorm grass and eat ingtoo many yummy earth lollipops.

We went to go watch Ken play in a volleyball tournament and Sloane took this photo of our feet while we were watching the game.

  We had some friends come through town with pregnant bellies and little tykes last weekend and we feasted and visited Franklin Goose. Sloane kept me company in the dressing room with silly faces, and pushed around a 'baby' in a tiny stroller.

On Sunday, little Issac had his first birthday party (outdoors! on a lovely spring day!) and Laura took this photo of our babes eating lunch. Well, Sloane eating lunch and Eden learning her numbers.

After a couple of days of being upset about being back at daycare, Sloane has transitioned back beautifully. She has been in the best mood and has been a little angel all week. I'm hoping that means traveling suits her.

Thursday mornings never felt so good. 

And my sister is here!! The other one is coming in late tonight, but for today, Eunice is watching Sloane while I work from home and I can't think of a better set up. In my fantasies, I work from home while my sister watches my baby so that I can give them smooches whenever I want.

Have a fabulous weekend you guys!


  1. i did not know sisters were in town this weekend! fun that you get to work from home today!

  2. I remember the moment my mother was the prettiest woman in the world when she came back from hair salon with her hair done.

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  4. i love the violet blue shoes!
    and yay for the kim sister reunion :)