Thursday, April 10, 2014


There are bad things, like visible panty lines when you are wearing a maxi dress and piles of laundry that never get folded. And there are good things, like gold spray paint.
Some other good things that I’ve made mental notes of this past week include being part of a group of people singing their hearts out, and making up a song about bunnies hopping and windows going up and down and having your wee daughter sing along it with you.
But back to gold spray paint. It’s become a thing in my life. I bought this can of gold spray paint months ago, because why not? But never used it. And then recently, I seized upon our black Ikea coffee table in a frenzy, took off its legs, got some new legs, sprayed those gold, painted the table top and voila, a new coffee table. There are some problems with it, like the many coats of paint dripped down the sides and dried in werid stringy ways (which I temporarily covered up with washi tape) and I need to screw the legs in more tightly, but right now I’m enjoying how instantly different it makes the living room feel, and thinking about what else I’m going to do with the table.
Spray painting the legs was so fun, my brain instantly went to wondering what other things I could spray, and remembered these pair of booties that I had gotten from F21 a while back. F21 may have its problems but I really love these shoes because they are so comfortable and as you can see they are well worn. I was bummed when the adhesive on the heel started coming off. It was peeling in a way that made them look ratty and unwearable, but with spray can in hand, I peeled the adhesive all off and painted the heel down in gold. A new lease on life! This is all too fun, what’s next?  
While I was taking photos of the new and improved coffee table, Sloane kept jumping in front of the camera, asking, 'me?' and crouching in front of whichever direction I pointed the lens. She's not always this happy about me snapping photos of her but she must have really been in the mood to pose for some photos. So, here is the picture of the coffee table:


  1. 'me?' so cute! the daughter of a snap happy mother

  2. haha i loveee :) what a great idea. i love spray paint. and learning to love contact paper though i've not yet used it ...