Monday, March 24, 2014


It has been a very busy couple of weeks over here and continue to be, so I can't quite post the way I want to, but I thought I'd share a piece of ebb and flow. Part of what makes everything feel extra packed is all of the new responsibilities that I have at work - I'm trying to keep the stress at bay and manage the workload as I go, accepting the steep learning curve, putting my head down and putting in the legwork, and all that. Tycho's new album, Awake, has been the best music to listen to while I'm at work and really need to focus. Through the miracle of the internet, you can listen to the whole thing up there, but I recommend you put in the $9.99 to buy it, avoid the ads, support the artist and then label it "work music". I promise it will put you in the zone to get some serious work done.


  1. im digging the music, it does have a good vibe. i think it would sound even better if i had my feet up in a lawn chair, in the sunshine, with a drink in my hand and some shades on...

    just saying