Monday, March 10, 2014


I had a much needed couple of days away with my sisters last weekend. We missed our cousin Lois who was also supposed to join us but we near made it up with an epic google hangout that spanned Seoul, Atlanta, Peru, Toyko and DC. Like we do. More on the weekend later, but I thought I'd sneak peek a couple of sweet spots that I sucked up in my phone. As soon as I got there we had some face time action with our mom who relayed to us details of her jaunt through eastern Europe and the Mediterranean last month and my sister described a little bit of being in Paris last week while we snacked on blood oranges and paprika crackers, all washed down with hot coffee. Later that afternoon we stopped by the cutest Russian restaurant, Mari Vanna, for tea, cocktails and honey cake. Even though I can't travel right now, I sure am getting enough whiffs of it in these types of doses to tend to my wanderlust.

Ken and Sloane were visiting her grandma the same weekend and after the first morning back when she was extremely clingy, Ken hypothesized that she must have missed me terribly but then when I dropped her off at daycare yesterday morning she excitedly ran off to play with her friends with barely a distracted goodbye and i suspect there is something else going on.  Just in the past few days, she all of sudden doesn't want to go to bed, woke up at 3:30 AM to hang out, then wants to hang around my neck like a monkey all morning while I'm trying to get ready and didn't eat a single bit of dinner last night. All normal things I'm sure, especially  at this age, but I'm looking for a secondary culprit because it is wearing on the routine that we have going and on me too, especially since it is coinciding with an extremely busy week. Can I attribute some of this to daylight savings? it's a thing apparently. Babies too are like, wait, why the heck are we doing this daylight savings thing anyway? 

I find myself thinking several times during the week that if I'm asked the question of what super power I would want, I would readily answer that I would want the ability to stop time. Time, these days, is the most precious of treasures.


  1. time IS the most precious of treasures. and even though day light savings is making eden wacky too, it means more TIME spent in daylight each day after work. and that, my friend, is a great thing.

  2. i am really craving both those oranges and crackers now!

    -beluga whale