Wednesday, March 5, 2014


At Sloane’s 18 month check-up, the doctor asked us a series of questions, some of which included inquiry about what she was eating and how many words she was saying. My answer to both questions at the time were vague, something along the lines of ‘pretty much everything’ and ‘a lot!’, respectively, but when I got home I decided I should start a list to document the details of such things. It appeals to both the list-making and documentarian side of me. However, this post might only be interesting to you if you like reading lists. Onwards, for posterity:

Songs that Sloane requests:

Ba ba black sheep, Hallelujah, Doh-a-deer, Eye-eye-eye (Korean nursery rhyme), and a few others 

Books that we read together:
Where the Wild Things Are, The Runaway Bunny, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, The Snowy Day, Dr. Seuss' ABC, The Quiet Book, Baby Mustache, Jesus Story Book Bible, Little Blue, Love You Forever, Hush Little Baby, Goodnight Baby

Books that she's 'reading' from my bookshelf (the books she likes to take down and pretend to read):
War and Peace, Mrs. Dalloway, Knowing God, A Grief Observed

Words that Sloane knows (knows, as in, can say and/or understand):
Mommy, papa, rusty, neinei, popo, halmuhni, halabuhji, Paul, Val, Sharon eemo, Eunice eemo, gugu
Me, mine, stop, this, here ("here?" she'll ask) see ("I see!" translation, "i want to see!"), brush, paper, cap
Apple, beet, bread, banana, sweet potato, spinach, chicken, cracker, milk, water, bowl, fork, eat, cup, door, moon, snow, car, pepper, hot, cold, more, owl, giraffe, dog, duck, wet, heart, star, pockets, stockings, towel, bird, ear, eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, hair, knee, belly, belly button, feet, toes, hands, fingers, shirt, shoes, pants, socks, jacket, jump, dance, snow, thank you, please, no, yes, teeth, floor, door, window, wash, bath, down, sit ("sit down!"), up, help, me ("me?" translation, "is it my turn?).... She seems to learn a new word everyday. 

Food that she eats:
Avocado, broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach, green beans, sweet potato, beets, carrots, green peas, turnips, acorn squash, all kinds of squash, peppers (green, red, yellow), edamame, dumplings, mushrooms, kale, beans, ALL kinds of fruit, eggs, zataar, guacamole, mango chicken curry, plantain lasagna, bread, peanut butter, meatballs, steak, chicken, fish, butternut squash soup, grilled chicken, brie, asiago, brown rice, noodles....Basically, anything we eat. 

Animal sounds that she knows: 
cat (meow), dog (ruff), lion (roar), horse (neigh), frog (ribbit), monkey (ah ah oo), chicken (cluck cluck), duck (quack quack), cow (moo)

She recognizes letters of the alphabet on her blocks, in magazines and books, on t-shirts and excitedly points them out. She’s learning colors and numbers, too. As a side note, I am not in any particular rush to get her to learn these things. She is learning some at her daycare and Ken and I point these things out to her whenever we see them around us, and she seems eager to learn. 

Things she likes to play: 
Stacking blocks, putting things away, putting items from one place to another (box to bag, bag to Tupperware, etc.), ‘pretending’ to take pictures and talk on the phone, pretending to drink and eat from empty cups and bowls, taking care of her stuffed animals, putting her stuffed animals to bed, dancing, being chased, covering things with a blanket and rediscovering the thing over and over again, ‘reading’, opening and closing anything that can be – pens, boxes, containers, purses, cabinets, etc., helping me put the utensils away from the dishwasher and helping me load the dryer, jumping, rolling around, copying anything that Ken and I do….Every few days she discovers some new thing and way to play with something, this list is endless. 

A note about these pictures:

Sloane loves parading around in my sunglasses, so I picked up a pair for her at Target. These are them that she is wearing here. We put them on when we got outside and usually she gets goofy and cheesy with the glasses, but this particular time, she went into this zone where she just went very still behind the glasses. Thus, the I'm-too-cool-for-school vibe here. 


  1. i totally get that vibe from the photos. too cool. i can't wait to start doing some of these things with eden. im glad you read love you forever. there are some really great little kids books that are also for grownups. i feel like that is one. and the jesus story book bible too.

  2. Sloane knows almost 100words!
    She is so blessed with growing healthy and wise.

  3. thank you so much for spelling all that out literally
    it makes me so sad that i can't live next door
    an djust have a sloanie and witness all the words and chub first hand