Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So it's gotten to the point now that we are all living a little bit like urchins in our caves, trying to stay warm and survive the winter, and then when there is any sign of sun or warmth, we scuttle out to get whatever we can get before we scurrying back into our respective caves again. I paint a grim picture but that's how I'm feeling about the fact that it's the last week of March and it was snowing when I walked out the door this morning.

Let's - for the duration of however long it takes to scroll through a post - pretend that it became spring and stayed spring! Saturday was grey and overcast but it was warm and breezy and all of that gave us a really pleasant backdrop for a stroll through the park with the babes. We scooped as much fresh air and warm breeze as we could stuff into our buckets. We savored the stillness of the air. I daydreamed about the hot,  sticky days to come.

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  1. what a joyous romp!! i like seeing the kids together too