Monday, March 17, 2014


I saw this illustration by Sarah Lazarovic on Cup of Jo the other day and felt that thrill of belonging. You know, of belonging to a group of people so big that it includes people who would illustrate a pie graph version of how it feels to be in the middle of this winter, or in the middle of winter in general. It's still unnerving to be in what appears to be the fifth month of winter, but I will take a small measure of comfort in things like this. If you see me this week and wonder why my face looks the way it does- it's the brave face that I put on for this week. 


  1. hehe. i almost re-posted this too.

  2. fear not brave one, the first day of spring is thursday and it must must must be spring once spring has arrived...right?

  3. Sooo true! Gah I have the same response as you to this. I'm just barely surviving on cups of hot tea and daydreaming of watermelon.