Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'm well aware that we still have about three weeks of winter left, but since it feels like we've over-served our time in the depths of winterdom, I am sure that it makes sense to be thinking about summer now. Plus, the really nice weather we had this past weekend was like being given permission to start daydreaming about the t-shirt dresses I want to be slouching about in all summer. 

And why not share these daydreams so that we can all start willing the weather to turn warmer? I'm inspired by these pieces to keep my eye out for similar pieces that are more within my price range, so let's do this.  

Many of the the outfits that I was drawn to were all loose, looked really comfortable and had pockets. Dresses like the grey sweatshirt dress by Steven Alan and the dress profoundly called, "the dress" by Hope are both so simple and classic that they would be great for being accessorized in different ways. I'm thinking dainty gold jewelry when I'm feeling classy and pops of neon when I'm feeling funky.  

And then we have this jumpsuit by Emerson Fry and the t-shirt dress from Rag & Bone, both of which look like they would be great for running errands in the daytime and then also for getting fancied up later in the night.

And you know I would live in this striped smoking dress by Horses Atelier if given the chance, right?

Basically I'm saying that I want to feel like I'm wearing pajamas all day and I know we are all okay with that.


  1. summer can't come fast enough. it snowed here today and supposed to again next week.
    i can totally see you rocking the jumpsuit! and living in the shirt dresses!