Monday, February 10, 2014


As much as I want to be hibernating during the winter ("You're like a bear," Ken said to me the other day. "You should be holed up in a cave right now, sleeping away the winter." This was after a particularly cranky rant from yours truly), it makes even more sense to go to the places where friends gather and garner warmth from their presence.  That's one of my 'survive the winter' tips - snuggle up to friends. In this case, make sure to include your babies. Glitter, finger paint, and cupfuls of fruit also help.  

When we walked in, Sloane was slung over my shoulder in slumber. Simone ran over to us, excited, and peered at Sloane, probably thinking that walking in asleep was no way to start a playdate.  Sloane soon blinked her eyes open. "Can we walk together?" Simone asked, looking for Sloane's hand to hold.

I handed each of them a cup of fruit, and they ran off together, showing each other their cups and happily leaning against the wall to pose for the camera and reap their spoils. Two tiny gentlemen - Elijah and Os - also proved to be splendid playmates, and led the way in the ensuing morning adventures. 

At one point, the babes starting running around in a circle - who was chasing who, no one seemed to know, but they were all being chased - and having THE BEST TIME. They were all laughing hysterically and I about exploded from joy watching them.

It feels like being in the presence of a miracle to behold the faces of my friends represented in miniature form on the faces of their babes and to be able to watch these little spirits shine and laugh and spend the morning with each other.


  1. uuugggg i hate that we missed this but so glad that you captured it so beautifully. makes me really excited for the photos from cabin weekend!!!

  2. :) what a great idea and spin on warmth!

  3. !@%#$#^@#$!@$!#%%$@%!!!!!!!
    no words