Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I’m going to start off here with a parenting fail and a parenting triumph. I’m not necessarily attributing these solely to me; these are things that happened recently where I felt that the situation called for a sad trombone (fail) or a happy trombone (triumph) sound clip.
The fail: She has been so interested in what I do in the kitchen and often wants to be picked up so that she can see what’s going on. On one such occasion, she was sitting next to me while I chopped onions and she was examining the onion skins, sniffing them and intently watching me chop. I don’t tear up when I chop onions (thank you, contacts) so I guess it didn’t register that it would be potent until I noticed Sloane blinking rapidly and rubbing her eyes. She looked up at me, confused, and I saw that her eyes were red and giant tear drops were coming down her face. She was a champ about it and just blinked them away, but that was definitely a parenting fail. And then there was also the very recent incident when she threw up repeatedly after taking allergy medicine, all while clinging on to my neck. It was hard.  
And the triumph: The other day, I turned on Etta James and when the music came on, Sloane starting swaying along to the rhythm. And then when Etta started singing, Sloane raised her little chin and ‘ahhh rahhhh’ –ed right along with Etta.  It warmed my freezer burned heart right up! I consider it a great triumph that this little person loves music and dancing. 

Like usual, I’m doing a lot of thinking about writing these days, but different in that I’m widening my scope to include more non-conventional facets. I’m knee deep in Don Delillo’s ‘The Angel Esmeralda’ (thanks for the recommendation, Hilz!) and it is great so far. I’m also making my way through this list. But also, when I watch a commercial or a television show, listen to stories from my co-worker who aspires to be stand-up comedian, or listen for word choices on my favorite podcasts, I’m thinking about writing.  Writing as story-telling, as expression, as communication of ideas. It consumes my mind. (Well, whatever  part of my mind that is left after  X, Y and Z. X being Sloane, Y being cooking Whole 30 meals and Z being work. There is also A-W, but let’s leave those for another time.)
Recently, I heard someone say, “Specificity is the soul of the narrative” and that hit a resounding three part harmony in my own soul, because it rings so true in my experience – both as a writer and a reader. I’m also hearing a lot of talks these days about how if you want something, you work your butt off for it. I heard an interview today where a successful executive said something along the lines of - A lot of people say that they want things, but they don't put the work in. If you really want something, put the work in, and when a break comes along, you will be right there. I always knew this in my head, but I'm also hearing it these days in my heart and hands.
Listen universe, I want things and I’m going to work my little butt off, you hear me?  Listen God, I’m going to leave the steering of this little butt to you, I hope you hear me.  

These photos are from this past weekend when we had a brief visit with my sister and brother-in-law. It was lovely; we got to see where they live and Sloane pranced around our table of talk and kebobs.


  1. freezer burned heart. you always come up with the best way to say things! that is exactly what this weather has done! love your posts lady friend

  2. the onion incident just completely killed me. so funny and cute. the allergy med on the otherhand......

  3. Lovely girls..... I like the eunice's new apartment