Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I love that feeling of coming home after work. I let that feeling of relief wash over me and try to remind myself that I would never feel this deep a pleasure for coming home if I didn't work at a job that occasionally exhausted me to the bones.

Ken sent me this article today saying that it reminded him of me. I'm not convinced it's all together a bad thing that my husband sent me an article that says "don't date a girl who travels", the girl who travels being me, but I am sure it is loaded with complicated subtext. I choose to not engage in dissecting the subtext. Except to say, gooood luck putting up with me.

I felt a little bit like a block of wood all day today. It was pouring rain when I woke up and I could not wake up or look presentable no matter how sternly I looked myself in the mirror and told my reflection to shape up. I am so uncomfortable in my skin during these winter days. If you are talking to me and I look slightly askew and awkward, it's probably because of how cold and dry my innards feel. If you're tired of hearing me complain about the weather, I apologize. Can I make it up to you with pictures of hearts and babies and balloons? Let's try. Because we were at a baby shower this past weekend and that's what filled up my camera's photo album.


  1. is that lilly? these photos are precious. yes we made it to February which means spring is next month!!!!!!

  2. I, not a traveler, did travel all across the continental US and traveled across the world to go see about you.