Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Something about these winter days may have you feeling like a crumpled up piece of paper. 

You may need to uncrumple yourself. Some ways to uncrumple could include something similar to what we have found ourselves doing these past few days:

Listening to this song while dancing around the kitchen- me cooking, Sloane eating her dinner (We have been listening to a lot of Michael Jackson lately.)

Snuggling in bed all together as soon as papa gets home. Sloane squished in the middle. Parents raining kisses down on the babe, while breathing sighs of contentment. Leaving the world outside, where it belongs. 

Eavesdropping on papa reading to Sloane and singing bedtime songs. 

Chamomile tea. 

Snow is falling now as I type and even though I know what that means for the commute tomorrow, I like watching my street get covered in a big white blanket. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, is the vibe I'm getting, and I like it. I'm in bed, and I like that even more. 

Shhhhhhhh, Sloane says to Rusty when he's barking too loud. 

"NO!" is what Sloane calls snow.  I guess it's more like, "(s)NO!" but the 's' is so soft that it sounds like she is saying "NO! NO!" when she sees it on the ground. At first, I thought she was saying no to the dirty snow that was accumulating on the roads outside, because she's like that these days, she gets very concerned about trash on the ground, spilt water, food that falls from the counter . She points it out until it's cleaned up or she does it herself. But then I realized she was excited about the stuff. The first time I put her down on it, she was less than thrilled, but the second time we ventured out, she was delighted, happily saying, "no, no, no, no" as she marched through the snow. 

We took these photos a few days ago in our backyard. Out of all of us, Rusty is the biggest fan of snow. And it's more than official, Sloane likes apples as much as I do. 


  1. what a great photo of apple-sloane!
    and how are you outside in tights and a dress no jacket? it feels like -20 here :( i hate the snow.

  2. 1. do you watch the music video while you dance? cause that takes it up another notch.

    2. i want to know where you got those pants. who makes them? can i get some?

    3. the apple photo. stop.

  3. even when she gets mad at you as a teenager, these photos of her with the apple in that outfit gives you so many passes. she owes you big for celebrating these perfectly beautiful photos