Monday, January 6, 2014


(if you're wondering, the second picture is what ken does to all his hard boiled eggs)

On Sunday I had read that the following fews would bring about a polar vortex. A polar vortex! It's all so deliciously dramatic. I don't care if the weather channel is full of unbridled hype when it comes to extreme weather - I thought it was too cold a week ago, before any sort of polar vortex - I'm buying it. I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather; you probably already knew that.

Probably in order to quiet the dread in my heart, I found myself in the midst of a cooking trance that afternoon. It was as if my body kicked into gear in order to get as much comfort food into itself as possible, before my mind was even consulted. I was tired but once I started, I couldn't stop and found myself in some sort of a rhythm.  I made kimchi ramen for lunch (because I had tried on Saturday and had failed; the second time around was more successful), cooked up chunky applesauce, tried my hand at noodles from scratch, roasted two pounds of cauliflower, made creamy chicken and biscuits for dinner in the slow cooker, and then s'mores. All the above also known as….insulation?

The smell of all these things cooking alone was comforting.   But the highlight was when sloane joined me in the kitchen and we danced our hearts out.  I have a feeling that kitchen dancing is going to be one of our favorites

Earlier this past weekend my mother in law came up for a visit. She came in time to accompany us to skyrobics at Skyzone.  Ken and I were able to check out what aerobics on a trampoline is like (..SO FUN!) while my MIL and Sloane watched us, along with our friends Caroline and Chris, jump around and get real sweaty.

We spent the rest of the day running errands together and in the evening, my MIL and I had a lovely chat together while cooking dinner. On Sunday morning, we all stopped by Stir Crazy cafe for coffee and breakfast before church. Let it be said, I feel fortunate to have a sweet and loving mother-in-law in my life. 

And then it was Monday.  Even when the weekends are sweet,  it only takes a certain kind of Monday.  I came home feeling petulant and one of the first things I did when I walked in the door with Sloane was to make myself a s'more in the microwave and ate it standing at the counter, while Sloane munched on a sweet potato circle that I handed her from the fridge.  We looked at each other, me worn out from the day, Sloane full of expectations about her time with me.  Her sweetness melted down my bumpy hide and the two of us spent the next hour or so dancing, jabbering, cooking, and eating our dinner together on the floor. 

January is my least favorite month; February is no walk in the park either. Yet, here we are.  I only allowed myself to wallow in this depressing thought for a few moments today and decided that I will give myself some goals to attain this month, and maybe carry this on through the rest of the winter months, in order to propel myself forward and onward. You know, kind of like new years resolutions? But not for the year, just the month. And not resolutions, goals.  Or 'coping mechanisms'. 

So, for January: 

1. read three books, for pleasure
2. have a budget meeting with ken about our upcoming year
3. try at least one recipe in my new slow cooker (thanks dad!) each week - this week so far, i made chicken and biscuits, and tomorrow i'm trying a slow cooker beef stew. 
4. learn five new words and use them on this blog. 
5. re-organize Sloane's room

There! Polar vortex, who? Oh sorry, I was too busy reading my book and eating beef stew. 


  1. your blog posts are so you and i love that

  2. that sounds like the most fabulous dance party

    and also that ramen looks DELICIOUS

  3. hehe the cnn weather plays 24/7 in the teacher' lounge where i work but for some reason I missed the whole polar vortex saga until I heard it for the first time today. makes me realize for me, expecting the worst is worser than the cold itself.

    luckily i feel warm just reading about the all the delicious cooking and dancing that's taking place in your household.

    by the way, if you ever have a 'i wonder if it's possible to slow cooking ___ food instead of baking/frying it', I will know the answer.