Sunday, December 1, 2013


On Thanksgiving morning, I inadvertently put Sloane in this shirt and when my sister saw her she immediately pointed out that I had dressed her as a pilgrim and that's how I saw her for the rest of the day - a baby pilgrim amongst us, to remind us of a tradition of thanks.   I was so happy and excited to have my sister Eunice and her husband Val spend Thanksgiving Day with us; it was a laid back day filled with cooking and eating (which we later ramped up into a hectic day of pre-black Friday shopping.)

The baby pilgrim starting with an early breakfast

The adult breakfast happened a little later, in front of the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Day Parade

While I cooked, Eunice baked us our delicious cake, which I wish I had some more of right now as I type...

Our Thanksgiving meal consisted of grilled ribeye steaks (we all vetoed the turkey this year), turnips gratin, acorn squash wedges, green bean casserole, corn pudding, and gourgeres.

Sloane had eaten earlier, so she feasted on an apple while we ate.

After dinner, we relaxed with some reading.

And a walk around the neighborhood...

Dessert time!  This was a root beer float cake with chocolate expresso frosting and I could have eaten this entire thing. 

We topped it all off with a game of Dominion and Val won both games, although Sloane might have been a close contender.


  1. It seems like really delicious. If I can spend my time with you guys, I will cook Korean food or peruvian(?) food!! haha Anyway, I envy you that spent thanksgiving day with family!!

  2. I wish i had been there to eat all of the butternut squash.

  3. looks like a great thanksgiving! glad it went so well

  4. The steak on Ken's plate looks thick and tender. The background of dinning room makes a beautiful fall scene.

  5. it looks beautiful! i wish i could be there (to eat EVERYTHING! looks so good)