Friday, December 6, 2013


One reason this past year and a half feels like several lifetimes is because I've undertaken many things that I used to think were not in my wheelhouse and had to adjust at a rapid clip to all the changes that kept popping up along the way.

There were many points where I remember thinking, 'I don't know if I can possibly ________' - insert new and difficult thing here, i.e. Birth a baby, breastfeed for a year, go to work and leave baby at daycare, pump in the middle of a workday, feed baby solids on top of milk, pack baby's lunch everyday, cook all of us dinner after getting home from a work day, incorporate exercise into the busy routine...' - and I am finding time and time again, that in fact.... I can! Not because I'm anything special but because first of all, you just gotta do it, but more meaningfully, I got in me what you all have - a human spirit that is designed for resiliency and adaptability. Every shift and curve of the landscape is uncomfortable and daunting at first, and sometimes it is just really really hard, but once you push through and march on, the unusual turns into everyday life and then somehow, it becomes the norm. 

So here's the thing, I've always wished I was a genius at something. You know, to be the kind of person who is a savant at just one thing, be it math, playing the piano, impersonations, what have you. But I'm not. I can do many things, and some of those things well, but I've always felt kind of middling at everything.  

But I'm learning more about myself in a I'm learning to love myself kind of a way, and I've concluded that my brand of genius is the ability to adapt. Everyone can do it, but I'm saying I'm particularly keen.... in a new situation or setting, the propensity to problem solve and adapt seems to run thick in my bones. That is not to say I won't struggle and flail and complain in the process, I do. But the nice is is that once I've gained perspective, I will call it all refining fire.

 My other super power is reading fast…I'll take it.

The superpower of adaptability doesn't seem like it does much for anything, I mean, it can be helpful in social situations and I'm really good at traveling, but so what? BUT it turns out, adaptability is crucial when it comes to being mom.  And for that, boy, am I glad. It's almost like there is a perfect design to it or something....!

Along with having a discussion about superpowers, what I'm saying here is that there is a design to all of us. We are capable of so much than we think we are. You are capable of doing much more than you think you can… and that includes, hoping, and holding on, getting through the day to day, and then hoping some more.   

Not so much related but the whipped cream on the top of some pie - a video of Sloane's visit to the Natural History Museum for the first time ever:


  1. i totally agree you are SO good adapting and figuring out a way to make ___________ fit into your life. i am always so impressed by you when i feel like i cant handle another curve ball...

  2. and oh how i love watching her explore and gaze at the museum. such a treasure

  3. Genius is one percent of inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Edison

    Genius is only a greater aptitude for patience.

    I know of no genius but the genius of hard work.

  4. what a greatly put together video!!! My favorite part is when she's looking into each rounded aquarium bubble. thanks christine for sharing. keep those videos coming!

  5. I can see Sloan' s teeth more coming up. My favorite one.

  6. i love the moment she stoops to inspect whether a leaf is worth picking up and also when she patiently puts her hand back up to hold ken's——

    i think your blog entries are another way you refine by fire, moozie