Tuesday, December 24, 2013


what do a group of friends who really love good food and dinner parties do? 
plan a kickbutt dinner party with really great food, is what.  
with our powers combined, captain planet! or in our case, 
an italian-themed christmas dinner party! 
thus, 'festa di natale'

the food was so good.  the company was even better. the babies had my eyes done up in heart-shapes all evening.  i really should go into more detail and elaborate, but these picture-heavy posts do enough talking of their own, and i wore myself out trying to cut down the so many pictures i have to this many. 

so without further ado: 

our tree filled with woodland animals!! it's sloane's xmas dream xmas tree, come true.

 do you like our fireplace?

the food:::::::::

we started with delicious pizzettes, which for some reason i don't have a photo of, but they were darling and tasty.

then, this amazing broccoli rabe concoction

fresh handmade linguine with clams

an explosion of flavors arugula salad with goat cheese, pomegranates, pears…. 

 hazelnut and honey salmon

perfect salted chocolate pecan pie & cranberry chess pie

noncino (walnut liquor) 

licking whipped cream off the whisk, riding a pink horsie….what more could a girl want??

goodnight, goodnight, goodniiiiiiiiiight 

oh wait, group photo:

aaaand another one

okay, for real now, goodnight.


  1. you have no photos of the pizzettes cause they were gone in about 32 seconds. i love your photos friend. and i LOVED this night

  2. beautiful arrangement of the tables!