Monday, November 18, 2013


We made a short trip up to D.C. this past weekend and enjoyed the heck out of every bit of it.  Sloane is so good at enjoying things these days it makes it extra fun for the rest of us. Although, after a long day of no naps and sleeping way past her bedtime, she cried extra long at the ice cream shop (her hot plump tears dropping every which way) and had more demands before bed when we got back on Sunday. I am proud of all of us for making it back home in an exhausted but happy heap and getting through a Monday of work, daycare, dinner, grocery shopping and bedtime. It's not just the fun trips that I will remember about this era, it's the effort that we put into making these experiences happen - it's comprehensive, and more meaningful that way.

While we were up there, we stopped by a couple of stores to browse and once indoors Sloane gazed at the escalator in wonder, tried to hide inside clothes racks, played with hangers, pointed out shoes, held up my wristlet on her own wrist, and waved at strangers standing in line. As soon as we left the store (I got her a long sleeve t-shirt for $6.90, score! That's what is in the bag), she wanted to carry the shopping bag on her own and derived so much joy being able to walk down the street with her very own bag.

By the way, she brought me that necklace the morning before we left, wanted me to put it on her, and kept it on all day…


  1. The pearl necklace matches with her top and looks good on her! She hasher own sense of fashion. That is way to early for her! It is tingling.

  2. i feel like this is a paparazzi photo shoot! and that sweater is getting small on her! it was so much bigger at carter mountain! is she growing so fast???

  3. I am absolutely smitten by your child!! The pearls, the wave, the satisfaction with the fine-young-lady-like-her-mom she's growing into. so wish i was here for that weekend and our girls could've played, but, we had other distant adventures awaiting us. xoxo