Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Are we ready for Thanksgiving?? Surprisingly, I think I am! What helped get me in the mood was the Friendsgiving feast we had this past weekend. These are friends who all worked together at one point in time - some of us don't all work together anymore, but we make a point to get together to catch up and doing a potluck for Thanksgiving has naturally just become a thing (now three years in a row!). We're doing it and we're doing it hard.  

Inspired by Oh Joy's "cone-a-copia", I put together this centerpiece for our table using ice cream cones, winter greens, dried orange baby's breath that I had around and white paper flowers (yes...from my wedding).

I also did a few simple things to jazz up the table: handmade simple place mats out of burlap (and by handmade I mean I measured, cut and fringed them- easiest placemats ever),  gold ribbons around mason jars, pine cones as stands for name cards and paper napkins with a fun geometric pattern (from Target). 

Happy Thanksgiving all! 


  1. Thank you for fall colors with simple ideas of decoration. I like pine corn for name card best!

  2. what a lovely tradition.
    i recently read a blog about baking the pine cones first to get all the critters out - did you do that too?
    and LOVE the centerpiece. looks soo delicate and intricate

  3. wow what a party! i think the cake platter really made the center piece....