Sunday, October 13, 2013


this rain is such a bummer. the way it has been going, it feels like it might be grey and rainy forever.  be reasonable, i tell myself.  it can't rain forever.  if i'm going to complain, i would say that going into a monday without a couple of hours in the sun feels like i haven't had a weekend at all, but if i'm going to be grateful, i would say that i got to spend a good amount of time with sloane today and that i am so lucky to have this sweet babe in my life.  sure, i don't get a lot of grown up things done during such a day, but play has never felt so meaningful as when i am playing with her.   i introduce the world to her through my eyes and she shows me how to see the mundane things again, through the wonder-filled glint in her eyes.  i am marking today because today was one of those days where i was aware and appreciated every moment that i had with her.  that doesn't always happen because sometimes we are all bleary-eyed or distracted or busy and get caught up in the motions.  but today, i stayed wide-eyed and present.  i chose her over all of my other things on my to-do list, every time, and i guess i'm saying i'm proud of that.  we tried venturing out for a walk that was stopped short by more rain, but we found a dandelion to sniff along the way and saw some geese fly above in a V-formation and kept staring at the sky long after the geese disappeared from sight.  sloane had climbed up and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck as we watched, and i thought, as i often do, that i will never get enough of these moments.


  1. beautiful post. i am with you about the rain, my spirit thinks its january. but hopefully we will have some sun and some apples on saturday! is it bad that im already looking forward to NEXT weekend???