Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This past Saturday, we found ourselves with outdoor plans cancelled due to the rain and so hup hup, it was to the children's museum we go!  Richmond has several locations, the Short Pump one being smaller and more toddler-friendly, so we drove out there and it wasn't until we were on our way that I realized I failed to consider that rainy days make for crowded museums.... we walked into a giant room with different subsections filled with what felt like hundreds of little ones and running around and parents draped over chairs and leaning against walls. yeah, i'm gonna say it, i was a little scared. 

This place was less like a museum and more like a giant play area for toddlers, which was great because it meant that the tykes could roam and play with so many things, but also not so great because, imagine a giant room with so many tykes and a parent or two attached to each one.  I think all of us (Ken, Sloane and I) instantly felt overwhelmed; we walked around in a slight daze and Sloane was doing her wide-eyed, big-cheeked solemn face taking everything in. All in all, it is a good idea for a play space for little ones when playing outside is not an option, but it was a pricey ($8 per person over one year old) and way too crowded.  We marched around regardless, introducing Sloane to various things and watching our little one discover this space.

at the 'grocery store'

walking around with papa

both of us were feeling a little petrified on this train ride

we realized, hey sloane's first time on a slide!

she was into it

she found treasure!

whenever she gets two of something, she always make sure to share.

she gets such a kick out of pushing a shopping cart around. also, a shopping cart for a toddler! 


  1. love her shopping, she will have a creative palate like her mom i am sure

  2. i dont know why but this post made me teary. wonderful pictures.