Sunday, September 22, 2013



what a weekend...

it was filled with visitors from new york and northern virginia, a bachelorette party, and a visit with a friend who just got back from a missions trip to india.  the weather was perfect then the weather was cloudy and then the weather was great again.  there was copious amounts of good food, baby-holding and i fell in love with sloane even more. i'm nursing a slight case of dreading-the-mondays, but it's being staved off right now by a slice of pie, glass of wine, and watching the emmy's on the couch with ken nearby (who is not watching the emmy's). i'm feeling decidedly satisfied with this hour of sitting next to my husband on the couch in front of the tv - me on the laptop and ken updating his new phone. it feels like the old days a little bit.

i have fuzzy feelings about the old days but let's be real, i'm in love with the new days.

this house gets great light as the sun comes up and sloane and i were hanging out in the living room when the sun filtered in through the windows very early on saturday morning and gave us mood lighting for our play. this little baby girl - i cannot get enough.

the morning light an hour later during breakfast:

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  1. I love these photos, you are so great at telling stories through photos! Miss being in your kitchen in the early morning hours :(